June 24, 2017

For profit charter schools do worse

Detroit Free Press - Students attending charter schools run by for-profit organizations perform worse academically than their peers attending charters run by nonprofits, according to a study by one of the leading researchers on charter school performance.

The Center for Research on Education Outcomes at Stanford University released a reportthat looks at charter school performance based on how the school is managed and how much improvement on standardized exams students are making.

Overall, the researchers found that charters that are part of a larger network of schools tend to have stronger improvement than independent charters that aren't part of a big network.

But CREDO's separate look at the profit nature of charters seems to be drawing the most interest.  The report came out during the annual National Charter Schools Conference, which was held last week in Washington.

"Nonprofits have significantly stronger growth than for-profit (run) schools," James Woodworth, the lead analyst for the report, said during a media conference call Tuesday.

The difference was stronger in math than it was in reading.

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