May 21, 2017

Trump causes boom in Washing porta potties

Washington Post - President Trump vowed on the campaign trail to boost economic growth and be the “greatest jobs producer that God ever created.”

His economic legacy is far from sealed, but it’s safe to say he has made at least one industry flush: the Washington region’s portable toilet industry.

The Trump presidency has brought an increased number of protests — and, yes, bladders and bowels — to the Mall. Protest organizers are renting record numbers of porta-potties in the Trump era for demonstrators to relieve themselves between chants and marches.

The National Park Service, which oversees the Mall, requires demonstration permit holders to provide one portable toilet for every 300 participants, 20 percent of which must be wheelchair-accessible, said Mike Litterst, a spokesman for the agency.

During January’s Women’s March on Washington, for instance, that meant nearly 600 privies — an entirely insufficient number that snarled throngs of antsy protesters in long bathroom lines.

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Anonymous said...

The real need is containers for the bullshit that is being spread by this doofus administration.