January 2, 2017

Urban notes

Since 2000, the District of Columbia has added a net of 44,000 households of adults under 35 with no kids (millennials), 27,000 households with adults over 55 and no kidsand just 3,000 households with children

In December, a devastating survey of 32 big cities prepared by the United States Conference of Mayors showed Washington with the highest rate of homelessness. There are 124 homeless people for every 10,000 residents here, more than twice the national average. Nationally, homelessness has shrunk 12.9 percent over the last seven years.

What distinguishes the [Oakland CA] camp beneath the 580 freeway is that rather than being targeted for removal, it's receiving public services from the city of Oakland. Instead of razing the encampment, Oakland and Alameda County policymakers set up a pilot program that offers basic services to some unsheltered residents. This includes not just waste pickup and porta-potties, but a mobile health clinic and the placement of large concrete barriers to protect the camp from traffic. Oakland has also directed its social services and relief employees to work with the residents of the MacArthur Freeway camp to help them find permanent housing. Since the pilot started in October, city officials report that 17 of the camp's 42 original residents have moved into stable living situations.

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