September 26, 2016

How Clinton could handle Trump

Sam Smith - Although we know that the debate commission will allow Trump to lie without moderator interference at tonight's debate, the other rules are not clear or published. So one little suggestion: Find a way for Hillary to indicate when Trump is lying. For example, if there is a media outlet that is keeping track of the lies, have Clinton's cell phone tuned to that source.

Ideally she could hold up an Ipad that showed how many lies Trump had committed so far,  but if that is not possible she might say at the start that she will keep the audience informed by a finger count. The beauty of this is that it takes no time and might really catch on with the audience while driving Trump crazy.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You got your moderator. Holt was totally one-sided. Didn't ask her anything about her scandals. Pathetic.

And yet even with all that the best she could do was a draw.

The entire Deep State is trying to prop her up and drag this corpse across the finish line.