September 26, 2016

Clinton losing serious electoral vote ground

While Clinton is comfortably ahead of Trump in electoral votes, she has steadily been losing ground since her high of 275 firm ones - five more than needed for a victory. Now she only has 130 firm votes, This is 47% as many certain electoral votes as she once had and her worst so far. Another 187 electoral votes are possibly Democratic. On the other hand, only 48 electoral votes are definitely in the Trump column. Another 177 are possible.

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Anonymous said...

"Now she only has 130 firm votes"

I think it's less than that because they aren't taking a close look at the blue states that are supposedly guaranteed for her. I live in northern California and Hillary bumperstickers and signs are nowhere to be found, altho "Hillary for Prison 2016" t-shirts and signs are becoming common. I have a feeling that the home state of Nixon and Reagan is going to go for Trump. This longtime lefty definitely is, even sending him money. Take away CA's 55 electoral votes and she's down to 75. The possibility of the first shut-out in American history begins to loom.