July 23, 2016

Leaked emails show how Democratic leaders went after Sanders


Anonymous said...

As if it wasn't obvious anyway?
Who, seriously didn't expect a Clinton campaign to be any different?
The Clintons are transparent as hell, and remarkably consistent, which is why it is absolutely astounding that ostensibly smart folks fail to recognize the dire threat another Clinton presidency would be. TPP/TTIP/TISA will all be signed by Clinton--this is even more of a certainty given her selection of Kaine as VP, a true fuck you to all progressives in a dancing on their graves sort of way. But that's merely small stuff once we consider her impact on foreign affairs---as frequently mentioned, be prepared for WW III

Tom Puckett said...

How about:





Don't forget, there are three months until you have to make your final decision. Suggest we all use that time to put forth the best information on all our choices before then!

The (one) trick is to imagine the future you want to be in with as much detail and thoughtfulness as you can, and then to see yourself in that future. (Ref: Richard Bach, The Many Worlds Interpretation Of Quantum Mechanics, Fleetwood Mac: Future Games, for starters).

Cheers, Tom