July 30, 2016

Did Trump violate the Logan Act/


Missouri Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill opined on MSNBC  that law enforcement should investigate Donald Trump for asking Russia to find and release Hillary Clinton‘s emails, saying it was a violation of the Logan Act.

“Well, it’s very clear to me that Donald Trump is unfit and, frankly, I think he’s dangerous,” she told Andrea Mitchell. “I believe that there’s a chance he violated the law with what he said, inviting a cyber attack of Russia, a dictator who has violated all of our principles of liberty and freedom in Russia.”

“The notion he would invite a foreign nation to conduct an attack against our country, it’s just beyond the pale. And I believe it violates the Logan Act and he should be investigated for that. I don’t think it was a joke at all,” she concluded.

The Logan Act was passed by Congress in 1799 and bans private citizens from negotiating with foreign governments without the express authority of the United States. In its 200-year history, no one has ever been successfully prosecuted for a Logan Act violation and the only indictment (in 1803) was quickly dropped.


Anonymous said...

This should have been used against Michelle Bachman and the other two doofi
(Steve King and Louie Gohmert)
in that triumvirate of the stupid when they spoke over in Egypt.

Anonymous said...

Except that he didn't ask them to do that. He said that if they happen to have the emails they should release them. The story is what is in the emails. Don't get sidetracked.

Anonymous said...

yes, which basically means, "Russians, please disclose American's classified information". uh, Treason! First he gets on the bandwagon to criticize her for having "supposedly" classified information on her personal servers, and then, turns around and invites the russians to disclose classified information from her servers. which is it Donald? are you for America or against us? i think your just for yourself.

Nebris said...

...and what about those 47 GOP jackasses who sent that FU letter to Iran?

Anonymous said...

Putin is far more popular in Russia than any recent US president. That is because he actually defends Russia, which is the target of all hegemons since Napoleon. Meanwhile Obama would sell out US sovereignty to a trade agreement without a shot being fired. Speaking of Benedict Arnold.

DC Reade said...


Come on, this is partsian nonsense.