June 14, 2016

Trump's favor to the Washington Post

Donald Trump just did the Washington Post a big favor. By taking away its press credentials, it is no longer necessary for its reporters to was time and big air fares just to repeat Trump's propaganda at his events. It can now acdtually spend the money and time on real news about Trump.

As Gene McCarthy said, Washington reporters are like blackbirds on a telephone line. One flies off and they all fly off. Now the Post can tell us about the real Donald Trump.


Mike in D.C. said...

I'm no great fan of the Post. But as a daily reader of the paper, I see no indication that the Post "repeat(s)
Trump's propaganda" or fails to report "real news" about the man. I've also seen as many as three Post op-eds in a single day exposing Trump's falsehoods and social pathology.

Maybe you need to read the paper before popping off like this.

Anonymous said...

Mike in D.C., I think you might have misunderstood Sam's intention with this post. Stuck as he is within the confines of some perverse loyalty to our duopoly, it seems Sam has quite a conundrum to deal with as he finds it loathsome to express support for Hillary, and perceiving no other positive alternatives, has instead elected to post ad nauseam every conceivable aspersion, slam, and bit of dirt he can dredge up to further denigrate Trump.
Unfortunate, too, as his energies might be constructively employed advancing the cause of the only rational candidate out there still willing to champion peace, social justice, and environmental sanity, Dr Jill Stein.
But no, he instead continues render his blog indistinguishable from the rest of the yellow journalistic tabloid herd now sullying the once noble Forth Estate.