May 23, 2019

Word: AN impeachment inquiry is not an impeachment

Rep Jamie Raskin -A number of members on the Judiciary Committee, probably a majority of the Judiciary Committee, now feels that it's time to launch an impeachment inquiry.

Now, that's different from impeachment. And the press has framed this as impeachment or no impeachment. The real question is, should we have an inquiry that looks into whether there have been high crimes and misdemeanors?

And I think there has been such overwhelming evidence presented to us from the special counsel in the Mueller report of presidential obstruction of justice, 11 different episodes of it, that it's staring us in the face.

And since the Mueller report finally came out, after that agonizing choreography by Attorney General Barr, we have had even more obstruction from the White House. The president has essentially ordered everybody in the executive branch not to comply with our subpoenas, not to render testimony to Congress, not to produce documents and so on.

So it's a completely unacceptable situation, an untenable situation, and we need this to be on the table along with everything else that we're doing.

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