February 8, 2019

Black-;led food co-op being launched in Detroit

Popular Resistance -After years of teaching and serving as a principal in Detroit schools, helping lead the Detroit Black Community Food Security Networkand starting D Town Farm on the city’s west side, [Malik] Yakini and DBCFSN are planning a 34,000-square-foot food co-op, event space, and commercial kitchens in Detroit’s North End neighborhood. The project could serve as a proof-of-concept for the ability of co-ops to build wealth, create food security, and drive investment in underserved communities.

The project, which is called the Detroit Food Commons and contains the Detroit People’s Food Co-op, builds on a tradition of African-American business cooperatives that were championed by the likes of W.E.B. Dubois as tools for building economic and ultimately political power. Following slavery, African Americans formed co-ops for things like credit and farming to survive under a segregated and exploitative system.

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greg gerritt said...

These projects are springng up all over the country. Food Security and how to achieve it concerns many many people.