July 4, 2018

Americans' misunderstanding of immigration

Quartz - On average, US respondents estimated that immigrants made up 36% of the US population. That is more than three times the real share of immigrants in the country, which is 10%.


Anonymous said...

More than 43.7 million immigrants resided in the United States in 2016, accounting for 13.5 percent of the total U.S. population of 323.1 million, according to American Community Survey (ACS) data.Feb 8, 2018

Anonymous said...

A little bit more accurate:

• In December 2015 there were 61 million immigrants (legal and illegal) and U.S.-born children under age 18 with at least one immigrant parent living in the United States.

• Immigrants allowed into the country legally and their children account for three-fourths (45.3 million) of all immigrants and their children.

• Almost one in five U.S. residents is now an immigrant or minor child of an immigrant parent.

• The numbers represent a complete break with the recent history of the United States. As recently as 1970, there were only 13.5 million immigrants and their young children in the country, accounting for one in 15 U.S. residents.

• Just since 2000, the number of immigrants and their children has increased by 18.4 million.

• The number of immigrants and their young children grew six times faster than the nation’s total population from 1970 to 2015 — 353 percent vs. 59 percent.

• In many states the increase in the number of immigrants and their minor children from 1970 to 2015 has been nothing short of astonishing:

• In Georgia, this population grew 3,058 percent (from 55,000 to 1.75 million), 25 times faster than the overall state population.

• In Nevada, this population grew 3,002 percent (from 26,000 to 821,000), six times faster than the overall state population.

greg gerritt said...

"Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

This is what makes America America

AgustinG said...

100% of Americans are descendants of immigrants.