June 9, 2018

Trump regime putting non-criminal immigrants in prisons

Mother Jones - In an unexpected and unusual move, Immigration and Customs Enforcement says it plans to transfer 1,600 of its detainees to federal prisons. The agency says a surge in illegal border crossings and the Department of Justice’s new zero-tolerance policy has increased the demand for detention space.

... Prison-guard union officials in California, Texas, and Washington told Reuters they had little time to prepare for the new inmates. One union president at a facility in Victorville, California, which will hold 1,000 detainees, has raised concerns about whether the prison has enough staff members to handle the new detainees. Immigration advocates have also criticized the decision. “Our federal prisons are set up to detain the worst of the worst. They should not be used for immigration purposes,” Ali Noorani, executive director of the National Immigration Forum, told Reuters.

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