April 10, 2018

IRS not auditing half of larget corporations

Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse - The Internal Revenue Service reports that nationally there are now 616 corporate giants. These are companies that reported $20 billion or more in assets. As recently as FY 2010 virtually every (96%) corporate giant received an IRS audit. By FY 2016, this had fallen to only three out of four (76%). And last year, during FY 2017, the audit rate tumbled to a mere two out of every four - or roughly half (54%). This means that nearly half of these corporate behemoths escaped any IRS audit.

In total, these few hundred audits resulted in uncovering $10.4 billion in federal taxes that had not been reported. This amount was more than turned up in the combined 933,785 audits last year of tax returns filed by all individuals.

Congressional cutbacks to IRS's budget have severely trimmed the ranks of available IRS revenue agents.

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