January 6, 2018

The year climate change spun out of control


Anonymous said...

How do the global warming scientists explain the extreme cold the northeast is experiencing?

From the article:

"A number of climate scientists, including Jennifer Francis at Rutgers, believe that rising temperatures and declining sea ice in the Arctic may create a more meandering jet stream.

That, in turn, allows elongated troughs of cold air usually trapped in the polar vortex above the North Pole to extend down into the mid-latitudes, creating persistent cold spells and a greater likelihood of snowstorms."

"may create" implies that these scientists really don't know the cause of the extreme cold.

Could the global warming deniers be right?

Anonymous said...

Sheeeeyit. There ain't no global warming goddamit.

Tom Puckett said...

My friend's geology class indicates that we are 9k years into the next ice age... just another unconfirmed data point...

Cheers, Tom

Anonymous said...

Hey 8:20 AM:

I have a pet muskrat.

He's retarded because he was dropped on his head as a baby, but even so, he's about twice as smart as you are.

greg gerritt said...

Climate deeniers are among the stupidest people on the lanet and should be prosecuted for tha actual harm they have done including all the deaths from extreme storms and fires.

Anonymous said...

Think of it this way:

Temperature today = clothes you're wearing = weather.

Temperature trend = clothes in your closet = climate.

Anonymous said...

For the deniers: if you drop a Greenland-sized ice cube into your global propaganda drink, some parts of it will be cooler than others for a while. Stuff "melts" and other stuff shares that "cold." Then it burns to a crisp.

That's all there is. Please be sure to leave for your descendants a post-it with your arguments written on it.