July 6, 2016

News Notes

92% of consumers think GMOs should be labeled.

Percentage of U.S. college grades that were A’s in 1960 : 16... In 2015 : 45

The item we ran about Canada's prime minister pardoning all marijuana convicts was satirical, but we thought it so logical we ran as news. Sorry. 


Anonymous said...

If 92% of consumers knew that a sizable percentage of their 'conventional' non-GMO consumables are likely finished with the same glyphosate that GMO crops are modified to tolerate, perhaps they'd be demanding labels identifying that, too. Glyphosate has nearly become ubiquitous, not only functioning as an herbicide, but also employed in finishing conventional crops as a desiccant agent to uniformity dry the crops for harvest. Glyphosate acts upon a plant, translocating through all of its tissues, if improperly applied prior to harvest it becomes part of your food.

Anonymous said...

Glyphosate is the real poison here. It should be banned. And without glyphosate, most GMOs have no reason to exist.