June 27, 2016

Suicides increasing

Center for Disease Control

Suicide is increasing against the backdrop of generally declining mortality, and is currently one of the 10 leading causes of death overall and within each age group 10–64. While the rate increased almost steadily over the period, the average annual percent increase was greater for the second half of this period (2006–2014) than for the first half (1999–2006). Increases in suicide rates occurred for both males and females in all but the oldest age group (75 and over). Percent increases in rates were greatest for females aged 10–14 and for males, those aged 45–64. The male-female disparity in suicide rates (as measured by rate ratios) narrowed slightly over the period. Poisoning was the most common suicide method for females in 2014, and firearms were the most frequent for males, but both sexes showed increases since 1999 in the percentage of suicides attributable to suffocation.

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Anonymous said...

Confronted with catastrophic disease and facing the prospects of bringing financial ruin and loss of family's hearth & home by attempting futile cures, what would the logical choice be? Boomer are coming of a certain age in huge numbers, the percentages reflect the fact. Thanks to ACA and other societal shortcomings, expect the numbers to continue to rise.