May 21, 2016

Campaign damage control

Surviving the worst election in American history

Sam Smith - Since we've never had a Democratic presidential candidate under FBI investigation during a campaign before, not to mention her wealth of other problems, it might be worth while considering what to do if Hillary Clinton has to drop out before her  nomination or afterwards. While it would be great to have Bernie Sanders as the alternative the situation would be so bitter that it really wouldn't help. Just different folks staying away from the polls. The best I can come up with Is Joe Biden.

Biden is the sort of candidate the political pros used to like before we were all taught to treat the presidential race as just a personality contest. Here's what Time had to say about him last September:
40 percent of Americans say they have a positive impression of the Vice President and former Senator from Delaware, while just 28 percent have a negative impression—an enviable differential of +12 points. That outperforms Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders (+10) and Sec. of State Hillary Clinton (-8), as well as leading GOP candidates Ben Carson (+8), Carly Florin (+7) and Donald Trump (-33).Were the election held today, Biden would outperform both leading Democrats in head to head matches with leading Republicans.
If the convention went for Biden with Elizabeth Warren as vice president it would be a whole different game. If not, the choice of veep is critically important, softening the hostility to Clinton and having a good choice should she actually have to drop out.

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Nebris said...

Harry Reid has *publicly* warned that no sitting Democratic Senators can be named as VP choices because of 'majority issues'.

And if the DNC tries to parachute in Biden, Sanders' supporters will burn down the house.