November 16, 2017

Speaking of abuse in the Senate

If Roy Moore is elected to the Senate, he will represent 13% as many people as the senators from California. As we have noted before, half of America is represented by only 18% of the senatorial votes. Isn't it time to start talking about this?


Bill Hicks said...

Good luck with that--it would take a constitutional amendment to change the makeup of the Senate, and thanks to Obama's virtual destruction of the Democratic Party at the state and local levels the Republicans control almost enough state governments to call a constitutional convention in which they could change it at will without Democratic input. Not that it really makes that much difference which party controls the senate when it comes to economic inequality or unlimited war.

Nebris said...

Isn't The House the 'proportional representational' part of Congress?

Anonymous said...

That was talked about in 1787. The direction now is headed into global corporate trade entities where local government is a police state. What Obama was working on when Trump ended TPP. The structures of national sovereignty are under attack as Putin explained in his UN speech answering Obama's challenge to the notion of independence. One of the reasons why Washington and Lincoln are never mentioned on their birthdays, the US officially abhors independence.