September 16, 2017

Harvard prefers torture to whistleblowing

Institute for Policy Studies

Jessely Radack, Director, Whistleblower & Source Protection Program - It is ironic that Michael Morell, a former CIA leader involved in torture and drone killings, had a crisis of ‘conscience’ that prompted Harvard’s Kennedy School to withdraw its invitation to humanitarian Chelsea Manning.

Harvard obviously offered Chelsea Manning a visiting fellowship because of the valuable contribution she could make, and revoked it under pressure from the CIA. So much for academic freedom.

A former CIA analyst, John Kiriakou spent 23 months in prison after helping expose the CIA’s torture program. His most recent book is Doing Time Like A Spy: How the CIA Taught Me to Survive and Thrive in Prison.

John Kiriakou -Chelsea Manning exposed evidence of U.S. war crimes. Mike Morell was an instrumental player in the CIA’s torture, rendition, and secret prison programs. And the university casts its lot with the torturer. CIA officers with crimes against humanity in their pasts know they have a home at Harvard.

Matthew Hoh resigned his position with the State Department in Afghanistan in protest of the escalation of the war there by the Obama administration. He previously had been in Iraq with a State Department team and with the U.S. Marines. He is now a senior fellow with the Center for International Policy.

Matthew Hoh  -The Harvard Kennedy School’s incredibly fast and virulently shameful rescinding of its offer of a visiting fellowship to Chelsea Manning due to the complaints of the CIA director and former deputy director should not be a surprise to anyone who has witnessed the increased impact of federal funding on private universities. In 2014 Harvard received over $600 million in grants and subsidies from the federal government. I am quite certain that funding was on the mind of the Harvard deans as they bowed and scraped to the CIA and did their best to remedy their problem before President Trump had time to tweet any threats.

Understanding Harvard’s desire for federal funding is the simplest way to understand how and why moral and intellectual honesty has been abrogated so willingly and consciously by Harvard. Mike Morell, the former CIA deputy director who resigned his fellowship in protest of Chelsea Manning receiving hers, directed, oversaw and covered-up the torture and murder of prisoners, drone assassinations, mass domestic spying and the spying on and hacking into U.S. Senate computers. Chelsea Manning’s crimes were to let the world know of the U.S. government’s crimes, crimes in violation of U.S. and international law that Morell and the CIA committed. Reviews done by the U.S. Department of Defense attested that Chelsea Manning’s actions resulted in no one being killed and no one being put at risk, what they actually did was to show the world the U.S. and CIA’s war crimes and failings. For causing that embarrassment and exposure, and for letting the world know the truth, the CIA will always hate her.


Anonymous said...

I was recently asked by my alma mater's athletic department to make a contribution to "Military Appreciation Day" which was going to occur during a football game.

I was sort of taken aback by such a request. Apparently, universities in America think that supporting militarism is equivalent to supporting the "war on cancer." They think it is an automatic public relations winner.

I simply told them that I am a pacifist.

But the next time that they ask me I will be a bit stronger. I will say " ... appreciation for what? Appreciation for millions of innocents left dead, for the destabilization of the entire middle east, for radical blowback which makes it unsafe to attend public events, for the refugee crisis which is destabilizing the European Union. Which one of these things circumstances will be honored at that event?"

Anonymous said...

Harvard is teaching by example. We have no teason to expect their graduates, our future leaders, to be ethical either.

Anonymous said...

Bravo 12:16 !!!