August 4, 2017

Word: The role of the individual in times like this

Joel A.Wendt, Worcester Hills Gazette  -The political class has failed in its sacred trust.  Our Founders would be ashamed of them.  All the same, only one aspect of the organism of our public life can heal what this political class has broken - only ordinary citizens can do what needs to be done next.

The primary task of the American citizen, in the present, is to heal the divisions.  The political class has neither the interest, or the capacity.  We need statesmen to lead America, and there are none on the horizon.  As a consequence it is up to us to lead ourselves.

The news is often more fascinated with the divisions, and certainly the political class exploits them.  We are divided into Republicans and Democrats.  Choice and Right to Life.  Black and White.  Rich and Poor.  A long long list of outrageous un-togetherness.

Real citizens get up in the morning and go to work, and school, along side people of other religions, races, political beliefs and all manner of differences, while not making war on each other. It is only a few religious and political leaders that seek to make us fear the different.  Most people, and certainly not the American young, see nothing more than just another different human being, whatever their sexual orientation, or favorite intoxicant.

When we buy groceries, do we refuse to get in a line with people of a different color, or seek out a clerk of a different race? Do we refuse to be waited on by persons of another color, or apply a religious test first? Do Christians only get their car repaired by Christians? If our doctor is a Muslim, or a Jew, do we find another, or do we just judge them by how well they take care of us?

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Anonymous said...

Excellent rant. However I disagree with the assertion we have no statesperson: Tulsi Gabbard 2020