July 7, 2017

News before it becomes news: Joe Kennedy

Among the stories we enjoy are those we think of as news before it becomes news: the first hints of something that feels like it's on cusp of being bigger. A recent case in point is Joseph Kennedy III, a congressman who incidentally gets a 95% positive score on his voting record from the liberal Americans for Democratic Action and is of an age roughly half that of the last presidential candidates. He is the grandson of  Bobby Kennedy. No prediction; just a tip.

Boston Globe - The next President Kennedy? That’s how a Town & Country profile by Boston Globe reporter Matt Viser introduces Rep. Joe Kennedy III.

The article, published online Thursday, tracks the 36-year-old Massachusetts congressman’s meteoric rise to become “the most prominent Kennedy on the national scene.”

“And he’s just starting to fill some very big shoes,” Viser writes, alluding to Kennedy’s politically accomplished relatives — a president, attorney general, and longtime U.S. senator among them.

Washington Post - The Harvard Law graduate and Peace Corps alum has plenty of the Kennedy allure, including the signature toothy smile and rugged jawline. But what about the Kennedy demons? He doesn’t drink. (He downed glasses of milk alongside beer-swilling frat brothers, per the story by Boston Globe Deputy Washington Bureau Chief Matt Viser.) He’s a family guy.

Here are his darkest weaknesses, according to longtime friends, including NFL vet Jason Collins, and the congressman himself: He doesn’t use enough hair product to contain his bushy mane. He swears. And … he eats lots of sweets — including the hard stuff. “Candy. Chocolate chip cookies. Cake. Pretty much anything,” Kennedy confesses.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure that someone who comes from a family that colluded to cover up the virtual murder of a daughter (his great-great aunt) by her father (his great-grandfather) should hold public office. His grandparents' and great-grandparents' generations were quite disgusting, ethically, and I'd want to know how much of that he inherited along with his wealth.