June 25, 2017

With GOP healthkill bill, Citizens United comes home to roost

Sam Smith - The GOP healthkill bill, if passed, will do more domestic damage than any congressional action since the war on drugs. A couple of estimates are that about 45,000 people will die as a result of lost healthcare.

But what is also extraordinary is that only 17% of Americans support the GOP plan. Why does a major political party back a measure so lacking in popularity?

One answer is that Citizens United has really come home to roost - leading Republicans to think about money as an adequate alternative to intrinsic political appeal. Money buys advertising which allows you, as our president demonstrates on a daily basis, to lie with impunity.

This is not just a political change; it is a cultural one. If you don’t like a fact, you spend money to call it false news and it may well fade.

A recent case in point was reportedly recently by the Portland Press Herald:
Sen. Dean Heller, R-Nev., announced that he could not vote for the legislation without revisions, singling out the measure’s long-term spending cuts to Medicaid as the reason for his opposition. The announcement caught some Republicans in Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s orbit by surprise.

It also prompted a Republican super PAC to plan a seven-figure advertising campaign in Nevada to pressure Heller – raising the specter of an ugly intraparty fight that could serve as a harbinger of the political clashes to come during next year’s midterm elections…


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Tom Puckett said...

Yes, but I would welcome some insight as to -why- this is happening and what the motivation is for (both - yes, be fair) major parties (to date!) to want to go against and do down those they are supposed to represent.

How can M$aires and B$aires possibly need more? Are they really like Johnny Rocco in Key Largo - "What do you want Rocco? He wants More. Yeah, that's right, I want more. Will you ever get enough? Will you Rocco? No, I guess I won't."

Are vastly rich people really part of some loosely organized understanding that all the rest of humanity! needs to be kept poor and ignorant because they might share in a better basic life which takes something away from a supposed total of limited wealth, good, benefits?

Its OK to report on something that's happening but some real analysis and exposure of the motivations behind it is the path towards mitigating it.

Thanks, Tom
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