June 12, 2017

Trump once had to admit to 30 lies

The Week - President Trump said Friday that he is "100 percent" willing to testify under oath in order to disprove the testimony delivered by his former FBI director, James Comey, last week. But when Trump testified under oath a decade ago while suing author Timothy L. O'Brien for libel, he was forced to confess 30 different lies, O'Brien recalls for Bloomberg View:
Trump had to acknowledge 30 times during that deposition that he had lied over the years about a wide range of issues: his ownership stake in a large Manhattan real estate development; the cost of a membership to one of his golf clubs; the size of the Trump Organization; his wealth; the rate for his speaking appearances; how many condos he had sold; the debt he owed, and whether he borrowed money from his family to stave off personal bankruptcy.
Trump also lied during the deposition about his business relationships with organized crime figures.

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Anonymous said...

But I wonder if that testimony had any impact on the verdict.