June 19, 2017

Power causes brain damage

Atlantic - Over time, leaders lose mental capacities—most notably for reading other people—that were essential to their rise


Anonymous said...

Over time, everyone lose mental capacities.

But the process may be accelerated in the powerful, because the lack of restraints on their nutty inclinations permit their nuttiness to run unhampered, and overrun their ratiocination - as we might observe in a certain contemporary ruling fool long accustomed to exercising power.

Anonymous said...

I saw this effect in someone I know.
OK, he wasn't a 'genius' as a child, but he was a good 'average' person.
Then he became Management and 'went far'.
I met him again after his retirement and he seems to absolutely NO interest in anything except Money. No interest in the complexity of lives around him except for maybe 'political power'. And aside from drinking fine wine and smoking expensive cigars, has no 'taste' (granted, I don't either but that might be merely resulting from lack of opportunity).
My sense is that he believes that Management and Political Leaders should be 'immune' from any legal consequences of their actions. Religious leaders should not be questioned or ridiculed. And it seemed OK for him to brag about conquests which involved "f..king their brains out".