June 10, 2017


 Only 17% of Americans support the US President's reform of Obamacare

An Institute of Governmental Studies poll of the California gubernatorial election of 2018, released June 8, shows these results: Gavin Newsom 22%, Antonio Villaraigosa 17%, John Cox 9%, David Hadley 7%. Newsom and Villaraigosa are Democrats and both have declared. Cox and Hadley are Republicans. Cox has declared his candidacy, but Hadley so far has only said he is exploring running. He is a former Assemblymember. Even though June 2018 is a year away, these results show the potential for a November 2018 race between two Democrats, with voters not being permitted to vote for anyone else in the election itself. That would resemble the 2018 California U.S. Senate race, which was also between two Democrats.

Democrat Jon Ossoff has a 7-percentage-point lead over Republican Karen Handel in the high-profile runoff race for Georgia’s empty congressional seat, according to a survey released Friday.

45% of Americans identify as Democrats or lean Democratic. 38% of Americans identify as Republicans or lean Republican. Largest Democratic advantage since April 2015

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