June 15, 2017

Lobbyist for Russian interests attended two dinners hosted by Sessions

Guardian - An American lobbyist for Russian interests who helped craft an important foreign policy speech for Donald Trump has confirmed that he attended two dinners hosted by Jeff Sessions during the 2016 campaign, apparently contradicting the attorney general’s sworn testimony given this week. Analysis 'Nervous' Jeff Sessions' attempt at Trump-like bravado falls flat Analysis: In his Senate testimony on Russia, the attorney general’s default position was ‘can’t recall’ and vagueness was the order of the day.

Sessions testified under oath on Tuesday that he did not believe he had any contacts with lobbyists working for Russian interests over the course of Trump’s campaign. But Richard Burt, a former ambassador to Germany during the Reagan administration, who has represented Russian interests in Washington, told the Guardian that he could confirm previous media reports that stated he had contacts with Sessions at the time.

Asked whether Sessions was unfamiliar with Burt’s role as a lobbyist for Russian interests – a fact that is disclosed in public records – or had any reason to be confused about the issue, Burt told the Guardian that he did not know.


Anonymous said...

I watched part of Sessions' testimony. All the while that he repeatedly said "can't recall" he had the smarmiest little smile on his face, that suggested he knew he was getting away with being dishonest because he could, and he thought he was being a clever boy for claiming not to recall. He thinks he's covered his ass, but I hope this investigation comes back and bites him on it.

Anonymous said...

Sam, please just admit that all this Russia collusion and the supposed obstruction of these probes is all just designed to impeach Trump or block his agenda.

You're better than this! It's gotten really dangerous, and I know you don't really support this new McCarthyism. Defeat Trump on the issues.

Anonymous said...


45 is extremely adept at blocking his own agenda. He isn't accomplishing much, even with a Republican congress behind him. He's even defeating himself on the issues, with all his policy fails, and international diplomacy disasters.

Are you saying it is not important to know if Russia colluded with 45's campaign the 2016 election? Are you comfortable with Russia hacking into US elections? After 4 months in office, 45's behavior suggests he is either mentally ill or is developing dementia, possibly from Alzheimer's, which killed his father. If this is true, he might not be the one colluding with the Russians, but if the rest of his inner circle is, it's important to find out the truth.

This isn't McCarthyism, because there is a growing body of evidence of Russian collusion with 45's campaign, and it calls into question the validity of the 2016 election. McCarthyism is when someone is making accusations of treason or subversion without proper regard to evidence.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, still waiting for that evidence...ANY evidence! This is so ridiculous....Hillary and Podesta have more ties to Russia - she for the Uranium One deal, Bill for his speeches and Podesta has taken MILLIONS from the Russians.

As for obstruction, how about Lynch's obstruction of the FBI's probe, and Comey's mishandling of the entire case, from his granting of immunity to all players in the Obama admin, to his finding of NO INTENT by Hillary or staff to break any laws to his recommendation not to proceed, not to mention Hillary's destruction of her cell phones and emails!

As for Comey, he began the Russian investigation based on the admittedly bogus and embarrassingly bad "dossier" created by the Ex-MI6 agent on behalf of Hillary and/or Trump's GOP opponents, pushed by McCain.

Comey thought he would be protected from being fired by having an investigation going on Trump's campaign, even though there was no evidence at all. Comey also did not check the DNC's serves for evidence of Russian hacking, and relied upon the DNC's security company's assessment of Russian involvement. Hmmmm, nothing suspicious about that is there!

This Russia collusion/obstruction case is just a manufactured attempt to remove or block Trump by The Deep State.

Seems like all the criminal activity that we do have evidence for all comes from Hillary/Obama/Comey, including the leaks. This is just how the CIA would take out a leader in a foreign country.

Trump should appoint an independent counsel to probe all of the above. It is a vast criminal cartel.

Anonymous said...

If you would consult actual facts you'd stop re-spreading unsubstantiated claims and fictions, perhaps


the comments that follow that article are as important to read as the report itself

so sad to see how far the progressive review and sam smith have fallen