June 10, 2017

Just wondering about those White House recoridngs

What if Trump deletes the embarrassing parts of the Comey recording, assuming it exists. Just wondering - Sam Smith

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Anonymous said...

If 45 deleted parts of of any Comey recordings he may have taken, the risks of loosing the "embarrassing parts", would depend on the recording device 45 used. Some devices are easier to retrieve deleted data from, and some may show tampering or editing, even if the original data is gone. Either situation would show 45 had tampered with the evidence, and if data could be retrieved, then he'd have to answer for it.

What is more worrying, is someone might toss the whole device in the fireplace and destroy it completely, because if 45 recorded their conversation, he would have probably used his cell phone. 45 seems to rely on his cell phone for most of his technology needs, which would suggest he had help in setting up the recording, if it was anything beyond his cell phone. If the recording was made on something besides 45's cell phone, and was tampered with, a future witness probably helped 45 do the tampering.