June 15, 2017

If Trump were a drug

Sam Smith

If Donald Trump were a drug, his TV appearances would have to be include a statement such as this:

Trumpira is a medicine designed to make America great again. It is cheaper, faster and safer than any other. It will build a wall against all illnesses and Mexico has to pay for it. It is designed for people with any mental dysfunction whether moderate or serious, People on Trumpira found considerable relief from symptoms such as empathy, knowledge, decency  and honesty.

Trumpira can lower your ability to fight diseases including unreality, falsehood or delusion.
Serious and sometimes fatal infections of illegality or corruption are common in some cases.
Blood may become uncommonly cold and users may suffer metaphorical heart failure. Tell your doctor if you have been to rallies or bars where certain fungal mythologies or lies are common. Don’t use Trumpira if you have an infection caused  by unprovable theories or right-wing upbringing.  Trumpira is particularly dangerous when used in combination with Fox. News.

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