June 2, 2017

Health notes

US scientists say they have poured cold water on the theory that washing hands with hot water kills more germs than unheated water. The small study of 20 people found using water at 15C (59F) left hands as clean as water heated to 38C (100F) . The report, in the Journal of Food Protection, suggests this could help cut electricity bills in restaurants.


Anonymous said...

Stupid. People won't wash properly in cold water. And now I have to find out if the restaurant's employees have access to warm water to wash in before I will eat at a place. Stupid. And to think that somebody got paid to conduct such a "scientific" study and that it actually got published in some "respectable" publication. Stupid on steroids.

Anonymous said...


This isn't stupid, it's good to know. I'm totally with you about restaurants, but this is good to know for things like camping when getting out the stove and heating water for hand washing on the fly isn't always an option.