June 29, 2017

Census funding in crisis

Center on Budget & Policy Priorities - Despite the need to ramp up preparations for the fast-approaching 2020 census, President Trump’s 2018 budget would boost funding for the Census Bureau by just 2 percent ($27 million) next year — far less than what’s needed to ensure a successful census. The House Appropriations Committee’s proposed bill, released today, does little better, providing just $10 million more than the President.

Fiscal year 2018 represents the eighth year of the 2020 census cycle. Census Bureau funding was ramping up dramatically at this stage of planning for the three previous decennial censuses. At a comparable stage under President George W. Bush, 2008 funding was 79 percent higher than two years earlier, in 2006. By comparison, 2018 funding proposed by both Trump and the House committee is less than 10 percent above 2016

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