June 20, 2017

Amazon plans to robotize Whole Foods

NY Post - Amazon is planning a bloodbath at Whole Foods, according to a report. The Seattle-based web giant, which announced Friday it will acquire the upscale grocer for $13.7 billion, will slash cashier positions as it automates jobs and cuts prices, according to Bloomberg. The move is part of Amazon’s strategy for Whole Foods to sell to middle and lower income consumers, the report said, citing sources. The report added that Amazon wants to make the high -end grocer more competitive with Walmart and other mass-market retailers.


Anonymous said...

Organic food will be available to the proletariat - a good thing. And more jobs will be created.

So what if the operation is robotized.

Anonymous said...

Amazon wants Whole Paycheck to compete with...Walmart?

The whole point of Whole Foods was to give wealthy shoppers a place to avoid the unwashed masses at Walmart.

I don't use self checkouts, because I don't want real people to loose their jobs.

I don't shop at Whole Foods, because it is expensive, and there are better places to shop for organics like the co-op and farmer's markets. I never shop at Walmart, because it's frequently understaffed and understocked, the quality of store brands is often poor, and the Walton family doesn't need my money.

I wonder if they plan to put an Amazon pickup window in every Whole Foods.