May 19, 2017

Word: Roger Ailes

Matt Taibii, Rolling Stone -Ailes was the Christopher Columbus of hate. When the former daytime TV executive and political strategist looked across the American continent, he saw money laying around in giant piles. He knew all that was needed to pick it up was a) the total abandonment of any sense of decency or civic duty in the news business, and b) the factory-like production of news stories that spoke to Americans' worst fantasies about each other.

Like many con artists, he reflexively targeted the elderly – "I created a TV network for people from 55 to dead," he told Joan Walsh – where he saw billions could be made mining terrifying story lines about the collapse of the simpler America such viewers remembered, correctly or (more often) incorrectly, from their childhoods.

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Anonymous said...

According to an article (I think it was in Newsweek) when George H W Bush was running for prez, he was coached on speaking by Roger Ailes.

While Bush was practicing speaking, the urbane Ailes said to him: don't wave your f---ing hands like that George, you look like a f---ing fairy.