May 23, 2017

Why we don't have universal healthcare

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Anonymous said...

I see Roy Blunt's name on that list but not his Democratic Party counterpart Clair McCaskill's? McCaskill, Hillary surrogate and dutiful DLC acolyte made the rounds in 2009 making it clear that the 'public option' and single payer were clearly "off the table." She's learned little since then and remains an unrepentant corporatist as she heads for her reelection bid in 2018 announcing that she's against it!
Her record and Blunt's for all practical purposes could be interchangeable. There are the meager differences, sort of, on certain social issues, but not enough to really matter in the long run.
We don't have decent heath care because of the corporate capture of BOTH PARTIES. Stop with the misleading polemics and report the truth Sam.