May 18, 2017

Trump's guy out to wreck fair voting

Amrit Cheng, ACLU - Kris Kobach, Kansas secretary of state and vice-chair of the Presidential Advisory Committee on Election Integrity is a known voter suppressor. He has been brought to court — and lost — several times for suppressing the constitutional rights of citizens to vote in Kansas.

Kris Kobach has wreaked havoc on voting rights in Kansas. In September 2016, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit, in a unanimous opinion by Judge Jerome Holmes, an appointee of George W. Bush, found that Kobach had engaged in “mass denial of a fundamental right” by blocking 18,000 motor voter applicants from registering to vote in Kansas.  The ACLU’s Voting Rights Project has sued him four times, and Kobach lost all four cases in 2016.
Kobach is the chief architect of the Interstate Voter Registration Crosscheck program, a notoriously flawed system which Kobach admits generates “a significant number” of “false positives” when trying to find people registered to vote in more than one state. A recent study found that Crosscheck “would eliminate about 200 registrations used to cast legitimate votes for every one registration used to cast a double vote.”  And according to The Washington Post, Kobach “examined 84 million votes cast in 22 states to look for duplicate registrants. In the end 14 cases were referred for prosecution, representing 0.00000017 percent of the votes cast.”
Kobach co-authored S.B. 1070, Arizona’s infamous racial profiling law from 2010, which required local law enforcement to demand the papers of anyone they suspected of being in the country illegally. The law prompted a nationwide outcry and economic boycott, and the ACLU fought it in the courts for years. The Supreme Court and the lower courts either blocked or drastically limited all of its major provisions.

Kobach serves as counsel to the Immigration Law Reform Institute, the legal arm of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, which the Southern Poverty Law Center has listed as a hate group since 2007. SPLC has written extensively about Kobach’s role in advancing a nativist agenda.

In 2012, Kobach compared homosexuality to drug abuse and polygamy. During his failed 2004 congressional campaign, he accused LGBTQ+-rights groups like the Human Rights Campaign of promoting “homosexual pedophilia.”

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