May 14, 2017

Trump real estate back story update

Alternet - [The Wall Street Journal]  revealed that the Russia-born Felix Sater—a twice-convicted one-time Mafia associate—is demanding hush money from a former boss, Kazakhstan-born Tevfik Arif, whose Bayrock Group worked in a close partnership for nearly a decade with the Trump Organization.

Sater warned Arif, in writing, that news headlines will read: “The Kazakh Gangster and President Trump,” unless Arif forks over $3.5 million to reimburse Sater for legal expenses he claims he’s owed, the Journal reported. Specifically, Sater is threatening to reveal negative information about Arif’s “past relationship with President Trump and the Republic of Kazakhstan”—as well as Arif’s alleged connections to “organized crime figures and his business activities in Kazakhstan,” which involve “dealings in the post-Soviet metals industry there.”

Spokespeople for Bayrock and Arif have called the allegations “unsubstantiated falsehoods.” The general counsel of Trump Organization didn’t respond to calls and emails.

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Anonymous said...

The FBI likely has Trump on an organized crime chart, and at its apex. This is his difference from the Clintons who have managed to escape the early association with the Dixie Mafia, the resume laundered by public service. Perhaps this is why Trump got into politics with law enforcement close on his trail. We now know that the refuge of organized crime is the White House. Obama takes his place in that history as the Frank Costello of presidents, sane, covert and wise versus Trump's meteoric Capone-like self-advertisement.