May 27, 2017

Trump complains to EU leaders about problems with his setting up golf courses in Europe

The Hill  - President Trump reportedly complained to world leaders about roadblocks he has faced setting up golf courses in the European Union.

Belgian daily newspaper Le Soir reported Trump told Belgian Prime Minister he has mixed feelings about the European Union due to issues he has faced in the past setting up golf courses within its borders.

“Every time we talk about a country, he remembered the things he had done. Scotland? He said he had opened a club. Ireland? He said it took him two and a half years to get a license and that did not give him a very good image of the European Union.,” a source told Le Soir.

“One feels that he wants a system where everything can be realized very quickly and without formalities.”

Trump has not distanced himself from conducting business at his golf clubs. He has visited them 25 times, according to The New York Times.

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