May 5, 2017

Over half of American households have no land line

BBC - Of the households surveyed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 50.8% of homes had at least one mobile phone but no landline. A further 3.3% of homes surveyed had neither a mobile phone nor a landline. The CDC found that mobile-only households had become the majority during its twice-yearly survey into the health and habits of Americans.

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Anonymous said...

Multiple cycles of merger and acquisition with the passing of costs for same on to customers has made land lines in some parts of the nation prohibitively expensive. Here in the Heartland the cost for just basic service, no long distance, with fees and taxes is close to $45 a month. In the rural areas where most every call is outside the limitedly defined local zone, for most folks land line bills end up considerably higher than that base $45. The days of the $5 telephone bill disappeared long ago with deregulation.