May 27, 2017

Now we know the big difference between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton violated national security by using a private server. Jared Kushner wanted to violate national security by using a Russian server.


Anonymous said...

Opening up back channel diplomatic channels is something that has been going on for decades with the Russians. It's probably prevented many skirmishes and Cold Wars from turning into "hot" ones.

I thought we wanted to try to make peace with Russia?

Anonymous said...

'The Republican and Democratic parties … are the political wings of the capitalist system and such differences as arise between them relate to spoils and not to principle. With either of these parties in power one thing is always certain and that is that the capitalist class is in the saddle and the working class under the saddle … The ignorant workingman who supports either of these parties forges his own fetters and is the unconscious author of his own misery’ (Eugene Debs).