May 11, 2017

Nestle still draining California water at minimal cost

Buzz Flash - A recent email from the Courage Campaign, a California citizens advocacy group, reveals that Nestlé is still pumping spring water out of public land, courtesy of the U.S. Forest Service:
For 38 years, Nestlé has used an expired permit to pump millions of gallons of water a year out of California's San Bernardino National Forest virtually free of charge....

We sued to stop this outrageous water grab, but even though the law is on our side, going up against Nestlé's army of lawyers is a huge fight.
The Courage Campaign warns that Nestlé is benefiting from the fact that deep corporate pockets are outlasting citizen advocacy legal funds in court...

Nestlé’s withdrawal of water from a canyon watershed, which environmental groups deem critical for several endangered species, has been a growing controversy for several years.

However, the controversy now centers around a lawsuit that keeps dragging on.

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