May 2, 2017

GOP health plan would screw Californians and New Yorkers

Center on Budget & Poilcy Priorities - The emerging House Republican health plan, on which the House may vote this week, would substantially limit the ability of New Yorkers and Californians to use tax credits to help pay for health coverage, beginning in 2018. Nearly a million people in these states would be unable to keep the tax credits for their current plans, and hundreds of thousands more could be forced to choose between paying full price to enroll in the plan that best meets their needs or claiming tax credits for a plan with a less appropriate network, cost sharing, or other features.

That’s because the Republican plan prohibits individuals from using their subsidies to pay for plans that cover abortions (unless such coverage is limited to abortions following rape or incest, or abortions that are necessary to save the woman’s life). California and New York both require insurance plans to include abortion coverage.

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