May 18, 2017

Detailed account of the guy who sued his date for the cost of her movie ticket

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MonkeyMuffins said...

On the subject of phone use during a movie (or any analogous, shared, social event):

My girlfriend hates it when people do what the woman did in this case. My girlfriend often goes out of her way to confront people when they display such blatantly rude, antisocial behavior. I don't bother because I don't expect decency or empathy from my fellow Amerikans (quite the opposite in fact).

This isn't a male versus female issue, it's simply an issue of good manners. The woman in this case obviously has none (which is not surprising in this day and age--it's rare to encounter people with reasonable social graces).

On the subject of remuneration:

It's sad but not surprising that men are still expected to pay to spend time with woman (especially in the shadow of the "gig economy" wherein ever increasing numbers of us have to literally-and-figuratively competitively prostitute our selves and our lives in a cannibalistic race to the bottom).

The man in this case obviously has a reasonable complaint on the merits but narrow minded, antiquated sexist mores bully him to the contrary. The constant harangue, "he'll never date again", makes perfect bullying sense in our reality-teevee culture of make believe.

This is just another poignant reminder that today's concept of "feminism" is so empty and relativist as to have no practical meaning other than women wanting to be as male-capitalist as possible while clinging to the trappings of their chattel daze.