April 25, 2017

Gun owners don't reflect the NRA

We have long argue that those proposing gun legislation should do it in cooperation with gun owners. This article helps explain why this would work. 

Politico -  With the NRA preparing to hold its annual convention, complete with a planned address from President Donald Trump, later this week in Atlanta, a new poll commissioned by an anti-gun violence PAC found that less than 50 percent of gun owners polled believe the NRA represents their interests.

In that same poll, sixty-seven percent of gun owners polled said they either strongly or somewhat agree that the NRA has shifted from an organization dedicated to gun safety to one “overtaken by lobbyists and the interests of gun manufacturers and lost its original purpose and mission.”

Twenty-six percent of respondents said they were members of the NRA and 74 percent said they were not. Fifty percent said they voted for Trump, who was endorsed early in his candidacy by the NRA, in last year’s presidential election, while 43 percent said they voted for Democrat Hillary Clinton.

The poll was provided  by Americans for Responsible Solutions, the PAC created by former Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, who was survived a shooting at a constituent event in 2011, and her husband, astronaut Mark Kelly.

On specific policy issues, 88 percent of gun owners polled said they support requiring a permit for individuals to carry a concealed gun in public and 80 percent said they support mandating a background check for all gun purchases, including those online and at gun shows. Eighty-six percent of respondents supported a ban on gun purchases for anyone convicted of domestic violence or stalking and 85 percent supported a similar ban for those on the federal terror watch list or no-fly list.

Sixty percent of gun owners polled said they support laws that ban individuals from carrying guns inside schools, while 33 percent said they supported the elimination of those laws.

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