March 12, 2017

Canadian high court rules Trump and his firm misled investors

Independent UK - A lawsuit alleging that Donald Trump and a real estate development firm misled investors, has been upheld by Canada's highest court.

Sarbjit Singh and Se Na Lee alleged they were sold units in Toronto's, Trump International Hotel, under false pretences.

The pair claimed they were misled to believe their investments would see returns ranging from 7.7 per cent to 20.9 per cent. Instead, they said they lost a combined C$1.2m.

The Ontario Court of Appeal last year, sided with them in their case against Mr Trump, Talon International Development and former executives of that firm.

That decision was backed by The Supreme Court of Canada which upheld the lower court's ruling and refused to hear an appeal from the defendants. 


Strelnikov said...

....And this story will be repeated 1000 times over before that orange lump is booted from office or jailed.

mM said...

Who really cares about speculators trying to generate profits from a condom?