March 2, 2017

Black links

Black news
Movement for Black Lives policy platform
Ethnic relations: Beyond law and virture
Film and facts: The Selma controversy
Making cities black & poor
Mississippi Summer 1964
!965 Mississippi civil rights hearings
Integration of Glen Echo amusement park
How affirmative action debate could have gone better
Marion Barry, Ronald Reagan and the rise and fall of black power
How to get along with other Americans
How minorities change America
Black Lives Matter
Color of Change
Ferguson action
Urban League
Other groups
Black Agenda Report
Black Press USA
Bruce Dixon
Glenn Ford
Margaret Kimberly
Make It Plain
New America Media
Mark Thompson
Your Black World

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Anonymous said...

Think it would be remiss to exclude links relating to the political and social evolution of Malcolm X. Extraordinary how relevant his late stage speeches remain today.
We submit some for your perusal: