March 2, 2017

Bad times at the State Department

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jimknock said...

It is called Manafort's revenge. Victoria Nuland a career employee, not a political appointee, was fired. She was the key US person that led the State Department in its turn around of the Ukraine. That effort deposed Manafort and Putin's personally selected tyrant, Viktor Yanukovych. Manfort got him elected and Nuland and others got him deposed.

For many decades there has been a battle between the State Department and the Pentagon. The Pentagon wants to be the primary director and advisor regarding foreign policy. With the ascension of the generals, within Trump's cabinet, it is apparent that DOS has lost the contest.

Finally, Trump and his minions feel they don't need State. They are too academic. They actually study the countries. They learn the languages. They all have excellent academic qualifications. He and his minions don't need that, just as they don't need intelligence analysts at the CIA. They figure they can get what they want in other countries by blustering and pushing.