March 24, 2017

100 Secret Service agents reportedly needed for Trump family ski trip

People - The cost of President Donald Trump‘s grown children’s Aspen ski trip is enraging taxpayers following reports that about 100 Secret Service agents will be brought to protect Donald Jr., Eric and Ivanka Trump and their families.

Quoting anonymous local law enforcement sources, The Aspen Times reported that roughly 100 Secret Service personnel would accompany the first family when they arrived in the ski town over the weekend.

Secret Service agents had communicated with local authorities ahead of the group’s arrival, according to the outlet, though they did not ask for the Aspen Police Department’s assistance during the vacation.

A Secret Service source tells People that a total of 100 Secret Service personnel to staff the trip is “reasonable,” given that each of the President’s children plus their spouses and children have security details that must be manned in three daily shifts to provide 24-hour security.

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Anonymous said...

I suppose none of the complainers voted for him; otherwise, tough.

I agree w/ the Secret Service. Kidnapping would bring a serious result enabling "blackmail" for a change in his policies. (Not that I agree w/ them.).

bc, ... donated all his disposable income to Sanders.