February 12, 2017

What Trump supporters think they know

From a Public Policy Polling survey

  • 47% know Frederick Douglass is dead.
  • 45% have a “favorable” view of Black History Month, while 35% have an “unfavorable” view.
  • 51% agree with the “Bowling Green Massacre” comments from Kellyanne Conway — 25% weren’t sure.
  • 51% believe Trump should have the power to overturn decisions by judges he disagrees with.
  • 22% think Trump should release his tax returns.
  • 64% support a 20% tax on items imported from Mexico.
  • 55% think “millions” voted illegally during the election.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It pains me to live in a country with so many ill informed people. I'm all for Calexit, as long as the rest of the West Coast goes with California, or to Canada.