February 28, 2017

Trumpites damaging internet service to low income users

Truth Out -  Ajit Pai, President Trump's Republican pick to head the Federal Communications Commission, is already sparring with media reformers just weeks into his term. On Thursday, a coalition of 40 racial justice, labor and digital rights groups demanded that the commission reverse a recent order that they say has canceled subsidized internet service for 17,500 low-income customers. On February 3, the FCC began to roll back several Obama-era reform efforts, including orders allowing nine telecom companies to provide Lifeline services to people who have trouble affording internet service. The decision could make it difficult if not impossible for tens of thousands of low-income families and students to get online, according to the digital advocacy group Free Press.

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Anonymous said...

This particular fox was admitted to the hen house by Obama. His appointment to the FCC in 2012 gave him the experience necessary to ascend to the chair and wreak havoc under Trump. Thanks Obama!