February 28, 2017

Trump dump

In his book ‘Dereliction of Duty’, [Trump national security advisor] McMaster criticizes the U.S. military brass of the 1960′s for not insisting that the administration of President Johnson send even more men, 700,000 is his number, to engage in the Vietnam war, and for not insisting that even more bombing of that country take place

Democratic governors and some Republican governors who attended a meeting with President Trump on Monday were excluded from the traditional bipartisan press conference outside the West Wing, party officials said. The nation's governors, in town for an annual conference that by tradition includes an audience with the president, visited the White House Monday morning. After the event, Republican governors, including Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin and Oklahoma's Mary Fallin, met reporters outside the White House. No Democrats were present.

 In his first speech since being sworn in as attorney general, Jeff Sessions tied a recent increase in violent crime to a lack of respect for police officers, vowing that his Justice Department would be more supportive of local departments and “not diminish their effectiveness.”

The Trump administration is proposing to cut spending by 37% for the State Department and U.S. Agency for International Development budget, according to a person familiar with the budget deliberations.

House Republicans voted en mass to block a resolution that would have forced Trump to turn his tax returns over to Congress. Under a 1924 law, the Ways and Means Committee is empowered to examine tax returns. The committee could then decide to release them to the full Congress, effectively making them public. Trump has broken with decades of precedent and refused to release his tax returns, citing an ongoing audit.

A new Politico/Morning Consult poll shows that 56 percent of 2,000 registered voters polled Feb. 24 through Feb. 26 say that Trump is staying true to his 2016 campaign message, and 66 percent say Trump has accomplished what was expected of him — or more. Overall, half of voters approve of the job Trump is doing as president, while 45 percent disapprove.

President Trump in an interview broadcast Tuesday was unable to name a time when he deserved criticism. “Can you give me an example of a time when someone was critical of you and you thought to yourself, 'I deserved that hit, I deserved that column,'” “Fox & Friends” host Brian Kilmeade asked the president. “No, probably I could never do that,” Trump responded.

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the last quote is that of a true narcissist