February 15, 2017

Trump dump

A new Des Moines Register poll finds 42% of Iowans approve of the job President Trump is doing, while 49% disapprove. “Trump won Iowa on his way to the White House by 9 percentage points in November, his widest victory among states believed by many to be swing states.”

The meaning of a Trump handshake

Deutsche Bank AG - Trump and the bank—Germany’s largest—are restructuring his $300 million in debt, according to Bloomberg News, to “reduce any conflict of interest between the loan and his presidency.” The bank also lends to Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner. The bank’s fate “is important for Trump’s corporate health,” Mother Jones explains. And yet the bank also faces a gigantic penalty “related to mortgage-bond investigations,” Bloomberg reports. Will his Justice Department pull punches?

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Anonymous said...

Of course the risks with a 45 handshake, if one is a woman, are far greater. Notice how in most pictures where there are young women near 45, they always have their hands over their crotches in protective positions.

I hope somewhere a long the way 45 does his handshake tricks to someone who is a MMA fighter, who follows the yank reflexively with a fast hard elbow to 45's nose.